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      Abgefahrenes Radio-Interview mit Paul Lowe.
      Er spricht viel über die Situation auf der Erde und die bevorstehenden Veränderungen.

      "This is such an exciting time on this planet. All sorts of beings are scrambling to get there.
      They squeezing past the condoms and the pill and do anything to get into a body this time."

      Hier der Link zum Interview:

      Forget resolutions this year – get results!

      It's that time of year again, the time when many of us start making a list of "resolutions" for the New Year.

      Why is it that we can keep making the same resolutions year after year, yet we don't see results?

      It's because resolutions only require words... Results require action!

      Make 2011 the year that you get results—stop making resolutions and start taking action!

      ( Anthony Robbins )

      Who Do You Think You Are?

      Our minds have already decided.
      A culmination of information and experiences collected by our minds from
      our formative years, and ongoing input of what people have told us,
      and our minds have formulated an image of who we are.

      After a certain time, no matter what we are told from relatives, friends
      and strangers, our mind has burnt-in the decisive decision.
      A matrix has been fixed, and we are who we are. Forever.

      May I suggest you sit down and contemplate this?
      You may not be who you think you are? Not at all?
      What you think about yourself is more a collection of ideas -
      and nothing to do with your ever-changing uniqueness?
      Normally that is too much effort for the mind to adjust to. It likes

      Please consider this possibly...
      Whatever you have heard, about anybody, ever, you have that capacity.
      Some people have more aptitude for some things than others, so it is
      easier for them, and, what anyone has ever accomplished - so can you.

      Please, try it... just as a short exercise, release yourself from the idea
      of who you think you are, and what you think you can and can't do.
      Free yourself, just for a while.

      Now imagine - just imagine, you can do anything - anything you really want
      to do, and be who you want to be.

      Of course the more conditions you impose of the situation the more
      difficult it will be, but if you really, really want something, and are
      prepared to be unconditional - you have got it already.

      Take a look at the lives of highly successful 'self-made people.'
      Aptitude? Yes. Opportunity? Usually. And the main ingredient? Perseverance.
      We are not talking about Will - that is difference, and often a
      We are talking about really, really going for it.

      Your maximum potential is unlimited.
      Up to you - what level do you want to play this game of 'being on planet

      Happy going for it...

      [Paul Lowe]

      "Die 35 commandments"

      1. Look for the maximum potential of each moment.
      2. Be honest.
      3. Take responsibility for yourself.
      4. Follow the tingle!
      5. Respond, don't react.
      6. Be conscious of everything you do.
      7. Life is always perfect right now.
      8. Be fully aware in each moment; be where you are.
      9. We are here to wake up to who we are.
      10. When you are walking, walk; when you are sitting, sit; above all, don’t wobble!
      11. Talk about what is happening now; avoid "stories" about past events.
      12. Share your internal dialogue.
      13. Things that attract or repulse you in others tell you about yourself.
      14. Don't take things too seriously.
      15. Preferences are fine, but expectations block the flow of accepting what is.
      16. Suffering is caused by resistance; learn to say yes.
      17. The problem is not that you suffer, but that you fail to learn from your suffering.
      18. There is no good or bad, but some choices lead to more fun!
      19. See life in terms of possibilities, not probabilities.
      20. Experiment more, and see what happens; move out of your comfort zone.
      21. When in doubt, do it!
      22. Most outcomes don't really matter, but the process always does.
      23. Encourage creativity, imagination, and newness; spontaneity is good.
      24. Your mind was designed to take care of your body, and does not know what is important to the true self.
      25. Your body is a vehicle, not who you are.
      26. Lose your inhibitions.
      27. Relationships don't work, relating fresh & alive in each moment does.
      28. Don't just have love; be love.
      29. Stay open and receptive.
      30. Whining is complaint, and complaint is not accepting what is.
      31. When you care about people, you don't have to be concerned about their response.
      32. Whatever you think has an effect upon you.
      33. You have to grow to stay healthy.
      34. Confusion is the difference between what is and how you think it ought to be.
      35. No one does anything they really don't want to do; look what you are getting from it.
      (Some of Paul Lowe’s main points as taken from his talks)
      Glück statt Geld: Der gute Rat aus Bhutan Quelle: BZ

      Die weltweite Konzentration auf materielle Werte sei «gefährlich und dumm», sagte der bhutanische Ministerpräsident Jigme Thinley am Montag am Rande des Treffens. Neben dem berechtigten Kampf gegen Hunger, Armut und Krankheiten, dem sich Vereinten Nation in ihren Millenniumsziele verschrieben haben, so Thinley weiter, müsse gleichberechtigt das Streben nach Glück und Zufriedenheit stehen.

      «Die Relevanz dieses Ziels reicht weit über die armen Staaten hinaus und vereint die ganze Menschheit – arm wie reich – in einer zeitlosen gemeinsamen Vision», so der Premierminister weiter, «man benötigt nicht viel Intelligenz, um einzusehen, dass das endlose Streben nach materiellem Wohlstand in einer Welt mit begrenzten Ressourcen nicht nachhaltig ist.»

      Das Land Bhutan hatte bereits vor einigen Jahren von sich reden gemacht, als es das Bruttosozialprodukt als wichtigsten ökonomischen Indikator durch ein «Bruttoglücksprodukt» ersetzte, das auch die Lebenszufriedenheit der Menschen messen soll.
      Würde und Sein - sind allen gemein

      Gordon Gekko schrieb:

      "Mentale Imagination besitzt die Abilität durch Kontinentaldrift kausierte Gesteinsformationen in ihrer lokalen Position zu transferieren

      Dazu sage ich nur:

      Es existiert ein Interesse an der generellen Rezession der Applikation relativ primitiver Methoden komplementär zur Favorisierung adäquater komplexer Algorithmen.

      weitere Redewendungen
      "Erfahrung ist das, was Du bekommst, wenn Du nicht bekommst, was Du willst." Randy Pausch