Angepinnt Forex Ressourcen

      Seit einigen Wochen hatte ich überlegt , ob es nicht sinnvoller ist einen broker einzustellen. Der könnte sich dann um meinen Handel kümmern und ich könnte endlich mal eine Nacht ruhig schlafen. Es ist garnicht so einfach dem ganzen Weltgeschehen dauernd zu folgen. Ich hätte gestern fast einen eingestellt, doch dann hat mir ein Arbeitskollege diese grandiose Finanzapp gezeigt. Dort kann man alles vom Handy aus erledigen und die Weltmarktnews werden einem zusätzlich angezeigt. Ganz schön praktisch!

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      Viel Wissenswertes, über FX hinaus. Im Zentrum steht Volumen. Sollte jeder lesen!


      Random Walks & Other Misconceptions 12
      What is the Market? 13
      The Market Professionals 14
      A Special Word About Market-Makers 15
      Volume – The Key to the Truth 16
      Further Understanding Volume 18
      What is Bullish & Bearish Volume 19
      Accumulation & Distribution 20
      Strong & Weak Holders 21
      Resistance & Crowd Behaviour 23
      Supply & Demand 25
      The Basics of Market Reading 26
      How to Tell if a Market is Weak or Strong 28
      How to Identify Buying & Selling 31
      How to Identify Lack of Demand 32
      Testing Supply 34
      Pushing Up Through Supply 36
      High Volume on Market Tops 38
      Effort Versus Results 39
      The Path of Least Resistance 40
      Markets can be Marked Up (or Down) 41
      Volume Surges in Related Markets 42
      Using Different Timeframes 44
      The Relationship between the Cash & Futures Price 45
      Manipulation of the Markets 46

      Introduction to Trends 50
      Constructing Trend Lines 51
      Bottoms & Tops 52
      Trend Scaling 54
      Why do Trend Lines Appear to Work? 55
      Using Trends to Determine Overbought and Oversold Levels 56
      Perceived Value & Trend Lines 58
      Introducing Trend Clusters 59
      Using Trend Clusters 61
      Analysing Volume Near a Trend Line 63
      Pushing Through Supply/Support Lines 65
      Absorption Volume & Lower Trend Lines 68

      What Starts a Bull Market? 70
      The Forces of Supply & Demand Move the Markets 72
      It All Starts With a ‘Campaign’ 73
      How to Recognise the Likely Market Top 75
      How to Recognise the Likely End of a Rally 77
      Up-thrusts in More Detail 79
      The Selling Climax and Professional Support 81
      The Buying Climax and Professional Selling 83
      A Buying Climax in an Individual Stock 85
      From Bear to Bull Markets 87
      Bear Markets in General 89
      What Stops a Down-Move & how will I Recognise This? 90
      How to Recognise a Market Bottom 92
      Professional Support 94
      The Shake-out 95
      Stopping Volume 97
      Falling Pressure 98

      The Dream 100
      Beware of the News 102
      You Need a System 105
      Trading Hints & Tips 106
      What are the Main Signs of Strength? 110
      What are the Main Signs of Weakness? 111
      Checklist for Going Long (Buying) 112
      Checklist for Going Short (Selling) 114
      How to Select a Stock the Easy Way 116
      Closing Comments 119
      I go for it!

      Trading Plan Template

      Trading Plan Template



      1. What is a Trading Plan?
      2. Who Needs a Trading Plan?
      3. What Will a Trading Plan Do?
      4. Before You Start . . .


      5. Know Yourself, Know Your Purpose
      6. Trading Goals
      7. Markets, Instruments & Timeframes
      8. Tools of the Trade
      9. Before the Market Opens . . .
      10. Risk & Money Management
      11. Exit Strategy
      12. Trade Strategies, Setups & Entries
      13. After the Market Closes . . .
      14. Discipline!
      15. Golden Trading Rules
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      Currency Trader magazine, final issue


      Currency Trader magazine, final issue

      "Unfortunately the purpose of this message is to inform you that we've decided to cease publishing Currency Trader magazine. The November 2014 was the last issue.

      There is a chance that another group will continue publishing Currency Trader, so this might turn out to be a hiatus rather than a closing, but it's too soon to make any announcement. It's been our pleasure to work with so many bright, creative people in the 10 years since we published the first issue. In those 10 years we've published more than 1,000 articles to educate traders about forex trading. It's been fun but the advertising base has declined to an extent that it's time to explore new challenges and set new goals."

      I go for it!

      NFA takes emergency enforcement action against New York forex dealer member, FX Direct Dealer, LLC (FXDD)

      hi Michael,, hoffe, in diesem thread ist die info richtig . Falls falsch, bitte verschiebe die info.

      NFA takes emergency enforcement action against New York forex dealer member, FX Direct Dealer, LLC (FXDD)

      NFA takes emergency enforcement action against New York forex dealer member, FX Direct Dealer, LLC (FXDD)

      December 7, Chicago - National Futures Association (NFA) has ordered FX Direct Dealer, LLC (FXDD) to either post a bond or place funds in an escrow account to ensure that the firm can meet its obligations under any restitution order that may result from a related NFA disciplinary action. The customer restitution is estimated to be $3.3 million. NFA's Business Conduct Committee (BCC) issued a Complaint against FXDD earlier this year, charging that FXDD engaged in price slippage practices that benefitted FXDD to the detriment of customers. Similar cases involving asymmetrical price slippage practices have also resulted in customer restitution. FXDD is a futures commission merchant, retail foreign exchange dealer and forex dealer member of NFA, located in New York, New York.

      The Member Responsibility Action (MRA) shall remain in effect until the resolution of the BCC Complaint and upon a final determination of the amount of restitution, if any, that FXDD owes to customers. FXDD may request a prompt hearing on this matter before NFA's Hearing Committee.

      alle mit FXDD konten oder subgesellschaften - vorsicht :!: Feetdruck kam von mir, fuer die meiner meinung wichtigsten inhalte. Nicht so "schoen", was die mit ihren sogenannten kunden gemacht haben X(